Lieberman: Next war, Israeli army is ordered to go in full force

PNN/ Jerusalem/

During a conference by the Institute for National Security Studies, Israeli minister of Army, Avigdor Lieberman had addressed several points, including the settlements, war and the PA.

Lieberman addressed the possibility of a next war, where he said that the Israeli army will be ordered to “go in full force.”

In addition, Liebverman said that Israel has approved the construction of thousands of settlement units in the West Bank, and connected it to Donald Trump’s taking office as U.S president.

“There is nothing new about it, we have always constructed [settlements], including under the Obama administration,” Lieberman said.

Following that, Lieberman criticized Palestinian President Mahmoud “Abu Mazen” Abbas, saying, “There is no one there to actually sign a dramatic agreement with that would change reality. We need a powerful leadership with sway in the field, but Abu Mazen is not a legitimate leader.”

He continued to say that “there is no Palestinian Authority. It doesn’t exist. We keep forgetting the fact that the Gaza strip is ruled by Hamas and not by the PA.”


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