1948 Palestinians announce strike over Israeli crimes in Umm Al-Hiran

PNN/ Bethlehem/
Palestinians living in Israel and the 1948 lands on Thursday announced strike over the Israeli crimes that took place in Umm Al-Hiran Bedouin community on Wednesday.

These include killing of two Palestinians and demolishing homes of the community which has been rebuilt several times by the residents following ongoing Israeli demolition.

IOF cordon off the area while bulldozers demolish Bedouin Palestinian community







Israeli Occupation is trying to take over this land to build illegal settlements.

The intense clashes between the youths and Israeli police on Wednesday lead to the killing of an Israeli policeman as well, under claims that he was run over by a motorist.

The strike today, which was decided by the Arab follow-up committee and the high commission for the Negev Bedouins’ affairs, includes official organizations, local communities, schools and universities.

To its part, the Israeli police announced a state of alert in the Arab towns and areas, especially after calls for protests against the Israeli crimes in Umm Al-Hiran.

The state of alert also comes in synchronization with the upcoming funeral of Palestinian killed on Wednesday, which Israel accused of attempting to carry out a ramming attack.

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