Nadeem Nuwara (17) laying on the floor after shot by IOF in Ramallah.

Letter from Palestinian father seeking justice for slain son

PNN/ Ramallah/

Siam Nuwara, father of slain Palestinian teen, Nadeem Nuwarah, has been seeking justice for his son, who was killed at age 17 during clashes on the Nakba anniversary day, 15 May 2014, in the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Nadeem’s shooting was filmed on CCTV and international news outlets covering the clashes.

The footage shows the face of the soldier who shot him, and other soldiers making fun of it.

The case has not been closed in Israeli courts till this day, and the next court hearing is due on 19 January, and Nadeem’s father says he was pressured to sign a deal that would give the soldier 3 years instead of the true punishment of his crime.

Seeking justice for his son, Siam wrote this letter demanding that the soldier be punished for the extrajudicial execution.

My name is Siam Nuwara, and I am the father of Nadeem Nuwara. My dearly loved Nadeem was murdered in cold blood by Israeli soldiers over two years ago. He was only 17. My dream of seeing my little son a grown man by my side will never come true. His death came too soon.
But his killing was caught on CNN and security cameras for the whole world to see. Watching how my son was killed is so painful — you see Israeli soldiers joking and laughing as if they were making a hunting bet while firing at prey, and then they shoot. The film is extremely painful to watch, but could bring justice.
Before my child was killed I was so happy to watch him grow up into a strong young boy. He helped me with everything, he was such a loving son, and he was so sweet to his mother and sister. He never walked into the house without giving us all hugs and kisses. He filled the house with laughter and happiness all the time. I based so much hope on him. Beautiful, innocent, amazing and well-behaved.
But suddenly, in minutes, time stood still.When I had to lay him in his grave the pain was unbearable. My heart ached for my wife, daughter and little baby boy, Nadeem’s youngest brother, who was crying “I want Nadeem!”. I was lost and couldn’t believe that my son, the love of life, my little boy with the most beautiful smile in the world, the athlete, the sweet animal lover won’t be by my side ever again. I never expected that I would ever walk into the house, his room, and not find him there.

Its been over two years since my boy was killed. But I and my family continue to suffer, because although there is clear forensic evidence that this was cold blooded murder, and even though the live bullet that murdered him was found lodged in his back pack, Israel is refusing to apply justice to its soldier.
The murder of my son Nadeem is a rare instance where the cold-blooded murder of a child is clearly documented, and in pursuing justice for my son Nadim, my hope was to help save other children.
On Thursday, January 19th, we have another hearing at the Israeli courts. But I am terrified of the results, as the Defence and a Representative of the Israeli government are putting pressure on me to sign a deal that would only give the soldier 3 years instead of the true punishment of his crime. I was told, and I quote: “Your case is not famous anymore, it’s not in the international media, nobody cares.”
I believe that the only way to encourage and shame the court to apply justice, instead of reaching a forced bargain with the soldier on these criminal charges, is if there are international, and particularly European, witnesses to the decision. We need your moral presence in order to prevent an abortion of justice, for in this circumstance not only will my son’s death be in vain – but the lives of more children may be lost as well.
I hope I will see you on Thursday, the 19th of January, at the Israeli District court at Salah Ed-Din street. The hearings start at 9:30AM.
Thank you for your kindness, and time.

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