PM Hamdallah: We work on advancing the Palestine Statehood strategy in close cooperation with our international partners


Prime Minister Dr. Rami Hamdallah confirmed that the government is currently working on advancing the Palestine Statehood Strategy as a means to promote sovereignty and prepare Palestine for the exercise of its rights and duties as a sovereign State.

Reiterating that only a negotiated two-state-solution will lead to an end of occupation and an agreement on all final status issues, the Prime Minister announced that the government is going to enhance cooperation and communication with international partners.

He expressed his hope that participants of the International Conference in Paris will signal their support to “materializing the Palestinian State and capacity building of Palestinian institutions” in the framework of the ongoing exerted efforts to support the Palestinian development and build up the fundamentals of the Palestinian economy.

The Prime Minister indicated to the ongoing cooperation with international partners, and particularly the German government to mobilize the necessary support to develop and implement a strategy for materializing the Palestinian state and building up the capacities of the Palestinian institutions in all sectors. The strategy will emphasize in the first stages the transportation sector on the internal and external levels, as well as the energy sector and particularly electricity.

The Prime Minister expressed hope that donor countries would contribute beyond the French initiative to supporting the government’s efforts with a view to advancing the two-state solution on the ground and in responding to the needs of Palestinians everywhere, providing the best services to them, upgrading the performance of the institutions of the Palestinian state and preparing Palestine for the exercise of its rights and duties as a sovereign State.

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