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A New Year, A New Hope for Palestine: Role of international communities and Palestinians in Diaspora

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The Concepción Arab Center launched the “From Conception: 2017 a new year, a new hope for Palestine,” an initiative aimed at ending Israeli violations of human rights in Palestine, and respecting International resolutions and recognition of Palestine as a free and sovereign State, in addition to the withdrawal of the occupying state.

In this regard, Alex Cattan, president of the Arab Center of Concepcion, said that the efforts made since the diaspora had a year of great achievements and consolidation of international work in 2016, “in which we seek the creation of a free Palestinian state in peace And sovereign, with self-determination recognized both internationally and by the occupying state of Israel. ”

To this end, the Arab Center of Concepción during 2016 was the protagonist in a series of international conferences, which allowed to consolidate and coordinate efforts and works in North America, Europe, Latin America and in Palestine itself.

Likewise, it was announced that “From Conception: 2017 a new year, a new hope for Palestine” had its first great achievement during 2016. Adding that Pedro Díaz Polanco, an academic and collaborator of the Arab Center of Concepción, and representatives of that institution, were in Palestine during 2016. In this regard, Diaz contributed in his role as an academic researcher and expert in international law on the Palestinian issue . It is precisely in light of his work and research that Diaz Polanco produced a document he shared with some diplomatic missions of the States that make up the UN Security Council, the same document that was used as a source and basis for the preparation of the Resolution 2334, issued by the Security Council  which condemned Israel for its violation of international law and international humanitarian law in connection with the construction of settlements by that State on Palestinian territory.

Also, Diaz Polanco was invited to expose to the Academic Sessions of the Security Council and the UN Human Rights Council in New York, which was highly valued because it means “to be the voice of those who today have no voice , Which have been silenced and silenced by the occupying force through successive violations of human rights. ” “Today we see that this is beginning to have a turn that was not seen since 1967, as reflected in this condemnation of the State of Israel,” concluded the academic .

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