IOF on Monday destroyed the mourning tent for Fadi Qunber who carried out a ramming operation in Jerusalem, killing four Israeli soldiers

Ministry of Information: Occupation is the root of all evils

PNN/ Ramallah/

The Ministry of Information on Tuesday said that it has followed “with much shock and little surprise” the Israeli orchestrated incitement against the Palestinians following yesterday’s truck incident in occupied Jerusalem.

“Israel wasted no time in drumming up venomous incitement campaign attempting to connect our people with terror and ISIS for obvious reasons related to political gains,” statement said. “The haste of making committing incitement only indicated to the relentless Israeli racist mentality built on demonizing our people and just cause to whitewash the Israeli occupation that is facing a growing international isolation and condemnation.”

The Ministry of Information further considered the statements mouthed by the Israeli PM Netanyahu and many of his government echelons as a continuation to turning a blind eye to the criminality of occupation as the root of all evils and instead to attempt to distract the world with windmill battles.

“One wonders what argument anyone can have to justify burning a whole family, burning a child, dances to their death, sends children to trial and prison, steals land and rejects virtually all peace initiatives and is totally indifferent to UN Security Council resolutions and peace building efforts.” statement added. “One also wonders what argument anyone can have to justify being ranked the last colonial occupation that controls another nation, steals its land, resources and kills people and them speaks about ISIS to distance themselves and whitewash the aforementioned crimes.

The Ministry of Information said it “regrets the statement attributed to Turkish officials on the need to unite against terror”, while failing to differentiate between victims and murderer occupation that murder with impunity, prohibits prayer rituals and erases graveyards.

The Ministry reiterated the Palestinian position that ISIS and the similar groups have no place in Palestine and that the day the Israeli occupation ends shall be the day peace is born.

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