Israeli cabinet takes series of punitive, collective measures against Jabal Al-Mukabber

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli cabinet of ministers on Sunday night has taken a series of punitive measures against the family and hometown of a Palestinian martyr who ran over a group of soldiers on Sunday, killing four and injuring 18 others.

The truck ramming took place in Armon Hanatziv settlement near Jabal Al-Mukabber town, Jerusalem.

The driver, Fadi Qunber, 29, from Jabal Al-Mukabber town, was shot and killed on the spot.

Following the operative on Sunday night, the Israeli cabinet decided to demolish his family home, in which lives his wife and three children, as a punitive measure.

On Monday morning, his mourning tent was raided and taken down by Israeli soldiers.

In addition, the cebinet decided to not return Qunder’s body to his family.

As a collective punishment measure as well, IOF has tightened restrictions over entering and leaving the town, and threatened with administrative detention to anyone who shows support for the operative.

Following the attack, IOF broke into the home of the attacker, from Jabal Al-Mukabber town, and raided it.

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