PLO leader calls Trump to respect international legitimacy concerning Jerusalem


Tayseer Khaled, member of the Executive Committee of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Head of the Palestinian Expatriate Affairs Department ( PEAD ) , called the US president elect to act responsibly and respect international legitimacy resolutions on East Jerusalem, expressing a Palestinian concerns also from appointing David Friedman, who is notorious for his extreme and aggressive stances against the Palestinians and backing Israel’s settlement expansion, as US ambassador to Israel.
Khaled stressed that “in light of trump’s pick of Freidman, and new administration’s statements about moving US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, we have to keep in mind UN Security Council resolutions on East Jerusalem, starting of 252 in 1968 and the following resolutions that condemn Israel’s defiance of UN General Assembly on acts and measures taken by Israel to change the status quo of the holly city”.

“Israel’s organizational and legislative measures, including land and property confiscation, that aim to change the legal status of Jerusalem are void and unlawful. Pressure should be exerted on Israel to revoke such measures and abstain from taking any acts in intention to change the status in Jerusalem” added Khaled.

Khaled also referred to “The ICJ ruling in June 2004 on the legal status of East Jerusalem as the Palestinian occupied city and an integral part of the occupied Palestinian territories in June 1967”.

Khaled added: “if Trump’s administration considers the appointment of Friedman an incontestable business of the USA, then standing by Trump’s electoral pledges in moving the county’s embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem is beyond the US sovereignty and a violation of its commitments towards the UN and its charter, laws and resolutions, including 478, that denounced the Kenesset’s resolution to annex East Jerusalem and called the member states to withdraw diplomatic missions from the city”

Such a procedure – Khaled warned- would uphold jungle law in international relations and encourage the government of Israel to take more extreme acts, as an exceptional state which does not give minimum respect to the international law, and subsequently would have grave consequences that lead to imminent clash and turmoil in the region, which the US government would be responsible for.

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