Video: Women issue list of Israeli violations in the Bedouin community of Umm Al-Kheir

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The Roles For Social Change Association (ADWAR ), on Wednesday organized a media conference as part of the project to protect Bedouin Women and revive the UN resolution 1325 in C areas of the West Bank,

The project is held in cooperation with the The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, and funded by the Spanish Agency, aims to report Israeli violations against the people of Umm Al-Kheir town, southern Hebron Hills, in addition to the low quality services provided to the towners by the Palestinian Authority.

the Umm Al-Kheir community, has been demolished several times and is still subject to demolition at any moment now, for being located in Area C which fall under Israeli civil and military control.


The attendees included the representative of UN Women, Sabeen Michael, and the general director of the planning department in the Hebron governorate, Fuad E’meir, and head of the Adwar association, Sahar Qawarmeh, in addition to the General Union of Palestinian Women Palestinian and representatives from Umm Al-Kheir Bedouin Community.

Representatives from UN women at the community have handed out a report which includes photos and documentation of Israeli violations in the community.

Violations included the right to live in dignity, right to freedom of movement and right of safety and security, in addition to the rights to food, education, work, and electric power.

Some of the violations also included infringement of livestock and farming facilities, which counts as one of the primary living sources for the Bedouins.


The report has shown severe violation of human rights and UN conventions.

The report has several recommendations including:

1- The need to provide psychosocial support to C areas, which have increased due to the ongoing violations carried out by Israeli occupation and settlers, especially towards women and children.

2- The need to increase projects and services for Bedouin residents by local and international organizations.

3- The need to follow-up with the ongoing violations in Area C, especially by Human Rights organizations, and issuing regular reports about the issue.

4- The need to draw attention towards the resilience of Bedouins living in area C through awareness trips for students.

5- The need for Palestinian governmental institutions to recognize the Bedouin communities and specializing a budget to support them and intensifying the work in such areas, in order to expose Israeli violations towards Palestinians.

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