Madanat holds sconference on Water Supply and Sewage Facilities Improvement project

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Jordaian contracting company, Madanat, on Tuesday organizaed a conference to acknowledge the project it had been working on in Bethlehem, which aims to improve Water Supply and Sewage Facilities for the Bethlehem- Beit Jala and Beit Sahour areas.

The project is funded by the French Development Agency and the Kingdom of Netherland representative’s office, as one of the projects aiming to support the Palestine Water Authority policy to improve and develop the water sector infrastructure in Palestine in general, and particularly in the areas of Bethlehem, Beit Jala, Beit Sahour, Al-Doha, and Khader and Irtas.

Head of the Palestine Water Authority (PWA), minister Mazen Ghuneim said that the project aims to decrease the leakage in the water networks up to 50%, which will lead to the increase of water quantities available for distribution and rehabilitation of networks.


Ghuneim added that the project aims to also organize organizing water networks, which will lead to equal distribution of water to the citizens and contribute to the sustainable and efficient management of the Water Supply and Sewage Authority services, strengthening its capacity through operating its facilities, where the WSSA will be the first beneficiary of the project.

The project falls under the supervision of French BRLI consulting firm, with the advisory of Community Development Group (CDG) and execution of Mdanat contracting company.

It has now covered 23 out of 57 kilometers in different areas of Bethlehem, and it is expected to finish all the technical work by October 2017.

This includes the rehabilitation of water systems, construction of reservoirs in the towns of Beit Sahour and in Beit Jala, as well as the rehabilitation of reservoirs of Bethlehem University, Al-Matalleh, Al-Doha and Dheisheh, and rehabilitating the pumping stations in the reservoirs of Al-Dheisheh, Al- Doha, and finally rehabilitation of the northern and southern sewage pumping stations.


In order to continue the technical work of the project, a second batch of pipes and valves and pumps has been imported, to guarantee the continuation of the project implementation at the required quality.

Ghuneim thanked the French Develoment Agency and the Kingdom of Netherlands for their support to the project.

To his part, the Deputy Governor of Bethlehem, Mohammed AbuAlia reiterated that the project was very important and will have a positive impact on expanding the water services in the Bethlehem district through decreasing the water leakage and therefore providing it for a bigger number of people.

The conference included a detailed explanation of the project plan and the areas that will be covered by Engineer Khalid Al-Idrissi, head of the French / Palestinian engineering supervision team, in addition to speeches from head of the Water Sewarge Serveices Authority (WSSA), Nicolas Khamis, representatives from Madanat, The FDA and the Netherlands representative office.



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