The Malaysian ambassador to Egypt and Palestine finishes visit to Gaza

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The Malaysian Delegation headed by The Malaysian ambassador to the Egypt and Palestine “dato ku jaafar” finished the visit to the Gaza strip by visiting the site allocated to build the industrial school in khanionas city, the Industrial school project is funded by the Malaysian government. Furthermore, the ambassador discussed with the related authorities the project’s requirement concerning construction and equipment.

During his stay in Gaza the Malaysian ambassador met the minister of public works and housing Dr. “Mofeed Mohammed alhasaina” in his office in Gaza city. The meeting discussed the ongoing Malaysian projects in the Gaza strip.

Dr. Alhasaina welcomed the Malaysian delegation and thanked the Malaysian people in general for supporting Palestine and standing with the Palestinians.


Likewise, the Malaysian ambassador and his accompanying delegation visited several ongoing projects funded by the Malaysian government including (developing al-ranteesi hospital for children), (Rebuilding al-nour al-mohammedi mosque) and the industrial school at a cost of 6.5 million dollars.

During the visit, the Ambassador opened the central psychological counselling mercy Malaysia, college of education building and visit the new medical school in the central provinceI in addition the delegation visited the building of “irada” program and oversea  the activities and done by handicap enrolled to the program

Later on, the Malaysian ambassador Opened the headquarter of the “Imar” association for development and rehabilitation in khanionas city –southern Gaza strip, a slide show and documentary films about its activities and ongoing programs specially Donated by Mercy Malaysia were shown by the administrative of the association .

With the purpose to strengthen the bonds and coordination between HCO in Gaza and the Malaysian Embassy,  the ambassador and his accompanying delegation visited the Organization of Islamic cooperation for Humanitarian coordination office  (HCO) and listened to a detailed explanation about the humanitarian situation in the Gaza strip .they also discussed the urgent priorities such as : rehabilitation of  the houses of the extremely poor families in the marginalized  areas.


HCO-Gaza cleared that the visit comes to emphasize the great attention paid by the Malaysian government represented by its prime minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak  towards following and enhancing the humanitarian conditions in the Gaza strip and by the appreciated efforts done by its civil institutions to support the humanitarian projects in the Gaza strip .

The office of the organization of the Islamic cooperation (HCO) also confirmed that several Malaysian institutions in coordination with the Malaysian embassy in Cairo and the office of the oic in Gaza are looking forward to come to the Gaza strip and they will make the necessary arrangements with the concerned authorities in Egypt to be able to enter the Gaza strip.


The Humanitarian coordination office of the organization of the Islamic cooperation (HCO) – Gaza thanked the Egyptian government efforts in securing and easing the process of entry of the Malaysian delegation to the Gaza strip.


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