IOF carry limited incursion into Gaza, target fishermen

PNN/ Gaza/

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Tuesday morning carried out a limited incursion into the northern border areas of the Gaza Strip, along with a number of military bulldozers, after having targeted fishermen off the southern shores of Gaza Strip on Monday night.

Local sources affirmed that four Israeli bulldozers leveled lands near the Zikim military base north of Beit Lahya.

On the other hand, according to local sources, Israeli war boats opened their machinegun fire at a number of Palestinian fishing boats off the shores of Khan Younis and Deir al-Balah to the south of Gaza Strip.

No injuries were reported during the attacks.

In violation of the Egyptian-brokered truce agreement with Palestinian resistance, the IOF repeatedly carries out incursions into Gaza border areas and keeps attacking, injuring and killing civilians, farmers and fishermen in Gaza Strip almost on a daily basis, in flagrant violation of the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire deal in Gaza.

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