Activist launches campaign to support Palestinian farmers surrounded by illegal settlements

PNN/ Hebron/

The Popular Struggle Coordination Committee activist, Munther Amira, has recently launched a campaign to support the authentic locally produced Palestinian Molasses, as a sign of support to the Palestinian farmers living under occupation and in surrounded by extremist illegal settlers.

The campaign consists of advertising and selling the molasses, that is produced by Palestinian farmers living in the center of the Israeli settlement of Gush Etzion, and resisting all kinds of oppression and marginalization, whether by the Palestinian local community, authorities and associations.

Amira  said that these Palestinian farmers need such solid support, instead of speeches and slogans, and that Palestinians need to support each other in light of such circumstances, and strengthen resistance of the real protectors of the Palestinian land.

“The motive behind this campaign was my visit to a farmer, Abu Diya Abdeh, who lives south of Bethlehem, where an illegal Israeli settlement, Gush Etzion is now standing,” Amira told PNN.

“Abu Diya was not able to advertise his own products which he spent the whole year working on, this includes cultivating the land, planting it, and daily following up with the trees, in addition to protecting the land from the possible and ongoing Israeli settler attacks.”

Amira colcluded by saying that the campaign found a lot of support from many people who called to buy the molasses, saying that he appreciates such support and hopes for more.


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