“Mercy” is the 2016 Christmas Theme in Bethlehem

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Being the birthplace of Jesus, the town of Bethlehem holds a special place during Christmas time with throusands of people gathering in it every year.

Every year on the first Saturday of December, the Bethlehem municipality holds the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in Manger square next to the nativity church, with the presence of thousands of locals and internaitonas, Christians and Muslims.

The municipality this year has decided to call the Chrsitmas theme of this year “Mercy”, since it is what’s most needed for the Palestinian people, who are struggling to have their own state and live in peace.

On the day of tree lightening, 3 December 2016, PNN held an interview with the Bethlehem mayor, Vera Baboun, where she explained the meaning of the theme and talked about the political, economic and touristic situation in Bethlehem.

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