Tayseer Khaled : Betting on International Initiatives is futile, Unless Coupled with Encountering Occupation on the Ground


The so called French Peace Initiative is facing obstacles and impediments. Betting on reaching settlements in Paris is, in fact, running after a delusion,” said Tayseer Khaled, member of the PLO’s Executive Committee , Head of the Palestinian Expatriate Affairs Department during an interview with local mass media

“The alternative is an actual confrontation of the Israeli procedures on the ground, in addition to a truthful implementation of the National Consensus Paper, aka. The Detainees’ National Consensus Paper,” asserted Khaled.

He ensured that “the actual change on the ground as well as influencing the stances of the international community could only be attained through a daring Palestinian political attitude that compels the international community to assume its responsibilities in light of real confrontation with the Israeli procedures on the ground.
“What is the point of heading to the international community while not defying Israel’s aggressive policies, violations, crimes, and daily land confiscation and settlement building on the ground?”
“What do we gain from international campaigns, while the chances of making progress in a political settlement that guarantees the minimal accepted, so called, “Two State” solution are fading!” wondered Khaled.
He added: “what is actually beneficial is to report back to the national institutions and factions; to the national consensus, the paper of national unity, that we have adopted in entirety as national and Islamic factions, and to abide by and implement the resolutions of the Central Council and the Executive Committee.
The National Consensus Paper was reached by the leaders of the Palestinian detainees in the occupation jails in May 2006. It consists of 18 articles, one of which asserts the right of the Palestinian people to resist and preserve their right to of all forms of resistance.

Khaled reaffirmed the need to realize national reconciliation and restore national unity and reunify the Palestinian political system, including renewal of democratic representation, whether in PLO or the PNA, through free, direct and democratic general elections. He called, in parallel, to take serious and responsible measures to disengage from the Israeli occupation authorities, not only in terms of security issues, but also civil affairs should be laid on the table for national debate.

“the Paris Protocol on Economic Relations must be terminated. The same applies for the population registration; it is implausible that the Palestinian population record remains linked to the Israeli database. The Palestinian land registration should also be segregated from the Israel’s civil administration.”

“Moreover, the jurisdiction of Palestinian justice system should be expanded over the territories of the state of Palestine under occupation; where all those who live on these territories shall be subject to Palestinian laws, and other civil issue that should be nationalized and restored from the authority of the Israeli occupation and civil administration.” Explained Khaled.

He added that “along with such arrangements, an actual preparation for a national disobedience against the occupation should be taking place. All the political and community forces shall take part in the this civil disobedience, that would set off the international public opinion to seek a comprehensive and balanced settlement for this conflict.”
Otherwise, “Surrendering our home front for Israel, and looking for solutions in Paris or other capital cities is ineffectual”

“It’s running after mirage and delusion. I am not against the French efforts, but betting on such efforts apart from actual encounter with the occupation on ground is useless and will not lead to any results. It could lead to renewal of bilateral negotiations, which is the French target, however; this means we will be trapped once again within the same vicious cycle”.

khaled clarified that “the Palestinian Central Council has decided in March 2015 to stop all forms of security coordination with the occupation, in light of Israel’s incompliance with the signed agreements between the two sides; but this decision, until this moment, has not been put into force.”

“The Palestinian authorities must head to the Security Council; even if the US administrations would use the Veto, we have to go persistently. Should we fail, he reiterated, we shall go to the General Assembly under the UN Seventh Chapter, united for peace, where no one entitle to a veto.”

Khaled reasserted that “the French Initiative faces impediments and obstacles, referring to the Israeli refusal of the initiative and lack of certainty concerning the new US administration; would it be supportive for such efforts, or would it be more biased to Israel’s settlement building policies than Obama’s administration.”
He continued, “We are not against the French efforts, but we have never been betting on international efforts, apart from actual resistance on the ground with the occupation civil administration and policies.

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