Israel sentences Palestinian girl to 13 years in prison

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli occupation court on Wednesday has sentenced the 16-year-old prisoner, Nurhan Awwad to 13 years in prison under the pretext of a stabbing attempt.

Charges also included a 30,000 ILS fine (approximately $7,750) added to the imprisonment.

Israeli Forces shot, wounded and detained Nurhan on 23 November 2015, after having shot-dead her cousin, Hadeel Awwad, under the pretext of a settler-stabbing attempt in Jaffa street, Jerusalem.

Two weeks ago, Israel sentenced the 14-year-old child Ahmad Manasra with 12 years of prison, under the pretext of a stabbing attempt as well.

On 12 October 2015, Ahmad was shot and tortured on camera by an Israeli settler, while his cousin, Hassan Manasra was killed on the spot.

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