IOF attack activists at the symbolic “Al-Yasser village” with teargas

PNN/ Jordan Valley/

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Thursday afternoon attacked the activists campaigning at the “Al-Yasser village”  in response to Israeli legalization of Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Many have suffered teargas inhalation due to the attack.

The new village, set up this morning with only tents, was named “Al-Yasser” after the late Palestinian president, Yasser Arafat.

Since the start of the campaign, Israeli soldiers surrounded the village and the activists to halt their action. In addition, four Israeli settlers, accompanied by a big number of Israeli Forces, tried to take down the tents, while the activists responded by chanting Palestinian slogans against the occupation.

About 50 activists, including Head of the Committee against the Wall and settlements, have set up tents in Ain Al-Baida area in the northern where IOF had demolished 28 Palestinian homes for settlers to take over it.


Assaf said that the Palestinian people have the right to have their own villages on their land, especially tht Israel is trying to steal and take over their land for illegal settlement expansion.


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