Palestinian youths call for end of division

PNN/ Ramallah/

As part of its ongoing attempt to end the Palestinian division and enhacne national values, Zimam association in cooperation with many other Palestinian associations, held the Civil Peace and National Immunity conference in Ramallah, primarily demanding the end of Palestinian division.

The conference is a conclusion to the “I am Palestinian” campaign, a petition which was launched in  in Bethlehem in March 2015, and collected 15,000+ signatures from different areas of Palestine, enhancing values of pluralism, countering extremism and calling for ending the division between Palestinian parties.

According to Zimam Executive Director, Samer Makhlouf, the campaign also contained workshops and social activities topped by the “I am Palestinian” campaign which strengthens the Palestinian national identity and a democratic peaceful community with no internal conflict or division.

Participants in the conference said that such initiative was a good opportunity for youths to express their opinions and take action, to make a change on an official level.


Dima Samara, a youth activist, said that through participating in holding Civil Peace workshops in different cities helped create awareness of how important it is for development.

Consultant for the Palestinian president, Hussam Zumlot spoke during the conference, stressing the need for the Palestinians to “re-organize the Palestinian home,” adding that the next step would be holding elections for the National Committee, which the youths will take part in.

“There are problems that we are working on and aim to solve through creating a cultured and aware generation, values and ethics. In addition to applying the law security, and reviving the national movement and identity, and the culture of struggle and resistance which is now long gone, and this is responsibility of the Palestinian parties.”

The Palestinian division between the two major parties, PLO and Hamas began officially in 2007, where Hamas movement was elected in Gaza and the PLO in the West Bank, causing a wider gap between both.

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