Jerusalem family forced to demolish own house

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Israeli Occupation Authorities on Sunday forced a Palestinian family to demolish two of its homes in Jabal Al-Mukabber town, East Jerusalem at the pretext of illegal construction.

As reported by PIC, Mohamed Ja’abis said that members of his family started today to demolish the homes, which housed 12 people, six of whom are children, after they failed to obtain a construction permit from the Israeli municipality in Jerusalem, even though it has been constructed for over 10 years.

Pic added that last week, Israeli municipal employees had given the family five days to knock down the homes, or else it would have to pay the municipality about 30,000 US dollars in demolition expenses.

Ja’abis explained that the Israeli district court had already rejected a petition filed by the family to cancel the demolition order, which was issued by the municipality on allegations that the houses were built in an area classified as green.

The IOA has classified about 40 percent of the Palestinian-owned land in Occupied Jerusalem as green spaces and thus prohibits any construction in those areas.


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