Tayseer Khaled : USA administrations sell illusions regarding the peace settlement


Tayseer Khaled, member of the member of executive committee of the PLO, Head of the Palestinian Expatriate Affairs Department ( Pead ) , commented on the recent leaks of (Wikilleaks) concerning Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton, saying that USA administrations have get used to selling illusions regarding the peace settlement.
Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton wrote to her senior advisors, a few days after the Israeli elections, that she believes that a “Potemkin peace process between Israel and the Palestinians is better than nothing”.
Khaled added that according to Wikilleaks, Clinton’s senior foreign policy advisor Jake Sullivan emailed Clinton on March 23, 2016 attached with a link published by the New York Newspaper about the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s apology for his Election Day statement that “Arab voters are coming in droves to the ballot boxes”.
Seven minutes later Clinton responded positively to Netanyahu’s comments quoted in the article. She wrote that Netanyahu’s apology was “an opening that should be exploited,” and tied it to the promoting of the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians.
Khaled said that to those who follow the USA administrations policies, there was nothing new in what Wikileaks had revealed. He added the USA policies, as a sole sponsor to the peace process, had destroyed precious opportunities of making progress toward a comprehensive just peace settlement to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
As a result the Palestinians should learn not to pin hopes on the mediation conducted by Dennis Ross, who is so close to the Likud Party and who is looking forward continuing his mediation role in Hillary Clinton’s era should she win.

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