14-year-old Ahmad Manasra sentenced to 12 years in Israeli jail

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Israeli Occupation court in Jerusalem on Monday has sentenced the 14-year-old child Ahmad Manasra with 12 years of prison, under the pretext of a stabbing attempt.

Ahmad Manasra on 12 October 2015 was shot and tortured on camera by an Israeli settler, while his cousin, Hassan Manasra was killed on the spotm, under the pretext of stabbing settlers in Pisgat Ze’ev settlement, Jerusalem.

Lawyer of Ahmad Manasra, Tareq Barghouth said that the court as well imposed a financial compensation of 180,000 Shekels on Ahmad.

An international uproar was caused around the case with the torture and videos later that showed him being abused by Israeli investigators.

Ahmad stayed in hospital before he was taken to prison.

The court today has sentenced the prisoner Israa Jaabees (32) with an 11 year sentence .

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