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IOF level lands near Salfit, confiscate farming equipment in Tubas

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Israeli bulldozers from Leshem settlement on Monday continued leveling land west of Salfit, northern West Bank, while Israeli Forces confiscated farming equipment in Tubas.

The leveling of land comes in a new area near Deir Ballout town, west of Salfit.

Activist and expert in the settlement files, Khaled Ma’ali said that the Leshem settlement, which was announced three years ago, was built on private Palestinian land that was used for agriculture and farming.

Ma’ali added that the settlement had erased archaeological sites and surrounded the Deir Sim’an, violating the international law.

In addition, one thousand Israeli settlers broke into Kafl Hares area and carried out Talmudic rituals under heavy protection by Israeli army.

At the same time, Israeli Forces this morning confiscated four tractors that are property of four families living near Tubas, northern West Bank.


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