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On October 21st/22nd people gathered to attend the Symposium under the title of SPACE KNOWLEDGE ART.  This unique panel which took place at Dar Issaf Al Nashashibi, Jerusalem and at Garage Coffee Shop, Ramallah, is funded by the European Union and supported by the British Council, SDC and CKU.  Al Hoash invited local and international speakers with the aim of discussing and raising awareness of new forms of counter-public’s and the dynamics of critical debate about urban policies, artistic practices and reactivating public space.

 The Symposium comes under Al Hoash’s new vision, of looking beyond the limits of the “white cube” gallery as a space for displaying and encountering art objects. To this end, Al Hoash has initiated interactive, participatory art projects that involve members of the community as participants in discovering new kinds of spaces for engaging with art.

The symposium held for two days summarized and gathered local experience on social engaged art practice and public space interventions in Palestine and exposed listeners to different experiences and knowledge in similar fields from Egypt, Jordan, Denmark and Germany.

Speakers shed light upon the policies of public space issues, including the debate about politics of space and its connection to mobilize the public from interdisciplinary perspectives, to discuss counter-publics and activism.

One of the distinguished speakers was from Cairo, Farida Hammad, is part of Mahatat for Contemporary Art. Al Hoash is working together with Mahatat, on a series of conferences, workshops and lectures about community art, art in public space and urban policies in the Arab world. Space Knowledge Art Symposium is the beginning of this cooperation


 This event is part of a broader initiative “The Alternative City project, “funded by the EU over a period of two years. The objective of this project, in partnership with the Jerusalem Tourism Cluster, is the development of two specific areas of East Jerusalem, around the Zahra Street and the Old City.

 The Symposium which is part of a continuous mission of urban actions adopted by Al Hoash, this year took place as part of the launch of the ongoing collaborative month-long artistic program Qalandiya International, which is taking place in different sites all over the world, under the title of “This Sea is Mine.”

The Palestinian Art Court – Al Hoash is a Palestinian non-profit art organization based in Jerusalem, established in 2004. Al Hoash provides a knowledge-based platform for both emerging and established artists in Palestine to express, explore, realize and strengthen their national and cultural identity through visual practice. Al Hoash programs and its’ gallery provide a space for artists to showcase innovative and significant works. It promotes the interaction between the artists and the audience, encouraging them to acquire understanding and appreciation of artistic production.
Al Hoash has been exploring new approaches by introducing the concept of creative place making, an initiative that makes art more accessible to the masses, where participants use creative processes to interact in public spaces. Moreover it helps communities rediscover and strengthen their relationship with their surroundings.

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