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On October 6th, around a 100 people gathered at Al Hoash gallery to participate in the opening of RE/viewing Jerusalem #2: Return. This unique tour is funded by the European Union and supported by the British Council, SDC and CKU with the aim of raising awareness of culture in Jerusalem through the exhibition of various visual art forms in outdoor and public spaces around the city of Jerusalem, created by Palestinian and international artists.

For the second year, while following in last year’s concept but taking a different route, youth, adults and children alike travelled through time to 6 different outdoor and public “stations” created in the form of visual art, installations and performances throughout the city. Through a one day tour, participants explored some of Jerusalem’s historical landmarks such as the Indian Hospice in the old city and Al Dar Mall in Salah El Deen Street.

This event is part of the broader initiative, “The Alternative City project,” funded by the EU over a period of two years. The objective of this project, in partnership with the Jerusalem Tourism Cluster, is to develop two areas of the Eastern part of Jerusalem in particular: around the Zahra Street and the Old City. Its aim is to promote tourism through new formats of artistic and cultural activities in public spaces, creating an attractive alternative cultural hub in Jerusalem.


Recently Al Hoash has started to look beyond the limits of the “white cube” gallery as a space for displaying and encountering art objects. To this end, Al Hoash has initiated interactive, participatory art projects that involve members of the community as participants in discovering new kinds of spaces for engaging with art. These projects bring together artists and local residents to reclaim public spaces for community use and revitalization.

RE/viewing Jerusalem which is part of a continuous mission of urban actions adopted by Al Hoash, this year took place as part of the launch of the ongoing collaborative month-long artistic program Qalandiya International, which is taking place in different sites all over the world, under the title of “This Sea is Mine.”

The Palestinian Art Court – Al Hoash is a Palestinian non-profit art organization based in Jerusalem, established in 2004. Al Hoash provides a knowledge-based platform for both emerging and established artists in Palestine to express, explore, realize and strengthen their national and cultural identity through visual practice. Al Hoash programs and its’ gallery provide a space for artists to showcase innovative and significant works. It promotes the interaction between the artists and the audience, encouraging them to acquire understanding and appreciation of artistic production.
Al Hoash has been exploring new approaches by introducing the concept of creative place making, an initiative that makes art more accessible to the masses, where participants use creative processes to interact in public spaces. Moreover it helps communities rediscover and strengthen their relationship with their surroundings.

Jerusalem Tourism Cluster:
JTC is a nonprofit network that works among the various economic, cultural, religious, educational, and vocational sectors that are related directly or indirectly to tourism in Jerusalem. It aims to generate a real added value that will act as an economic engine to enhance competitiveness as well as to illustrate the unique Palestinian identity in Jerusalem. JTC has representatives from different sectors such as tourism organizations, trade unions, religious delegates, vocational bodies, educational organizations and other stakeholders in Jerusalem tourism industry.

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