Palestinian killed, buried two hours later in fear of body detention

PNN/ Jerusalem/

Hundreds of Jerusalemites on Wednesday dawn have participated in the funeral of Ali Shyoukhi (20) who was killed in clashes that broke out between Palestinian youths and Israeli soldiers overnight in Silwan town, East Jerusalem.

The funeral took place two hours after he was killed, in fear of his body being detained by Israel, especially that Israeli Forces prevented ambulances from approaching his body after he was shot in the chest with live ammunition and kept bleeding for over an hour.

The clashes broke out after Israeli soldiers raided several homes in the town. Dozens of youths suffered teargas inhalation, and one other was injured with a rubber bullet in the eye.

Ali was released from Israeli jails a few months ago, after spending 15 months in it.

Since last year, Israel detained 100 bodies of Palestinians who it killed as a punishment even after death. Fines are also imposed on the families to return their sons’ bodies. At the moment, Israel is holding 18 bodies of Palestinians who have been killed since October 2015.

On Tuesday evening, four Palestinians were injured with live ammunition during clashes that broke out in Al-Ram town, north of Jerusalem.


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