Reports: Human Rights Council to blacklist businessmen investing in settlements

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Hebrew radio on Sunday morning that there are international bodies, led by the United Nations Human Rights Council, that is still going on “against Israel” in various fields.

Hebrew radio, Reshet B in a report today said that the UN Human Rights Council, is preparing a list of Israeli businessmen who are investing their money in the illegal settlements in the West Bank factories in order to expose and stop dealing with them, whether in the United Nations organizations or the businessmen in the world level.

According to the radio, the Human Rights Council is making a blacklist of Israeli businessmen who have investments in Israeli settlements built on Palestinian land in the West Bank, in order to disseminate and publish the names of their investments and their companies as part of a plan to expose and stop the economic transactions since they are investing in the occupied territory.

The report added that the Arab Group submitted this project, and includes any Israeli company or bank that has branches in a West Bank settlement or in the Golan Heights. The project also will be imposed on UN organizations and all international institutions.

The Israeli envoy to the UN reportedly rejected this list, claiming that it intends on “damaging the Jews,” and reminds him of lists that were made against Jews in the history, adding that the cooperation with the friends of Israel in the United Nations headquarters Home in New York would be able to stop anti-Israeli wave and halt such a blacklist.

Israel had withdrawn from the Human Rights Council years ago under claims that it supports the Palestinians in their campaigns to withdraw the Israeli legitimacy more than once.

In international law, Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal since they are built on Palestinian land.

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