Over 65% of Palestinians oppose postponing local elections

PNN/ Ramallah/

A poll conducted by the Ruya Center for Political Development and sampling 1,366 persons from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, showed that 66,5% opposed PA’s decision to postpone local elections.

The poll found that 55.8% believe the postponement emanates from a politicized decision.  67,9 % said they would have participated in municipal elections had they been held on time. 60.5% believe the reason for Fatah’s approval of the postponement is its fear of losing the ballot due to the group’s internal cracks.

A poll conducted earlier by the Arab Research and Development Institute (AWARD) showed that 76% of the Palestinians disapprove of elections postponement.

Municipal elections were supposed to take place in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip on October 8, but the High Court suspended them on September 10, citing concerns about courts in the Gaza Strip as pretexts for the move. The PA decided Tuesday to delay municipal elections for up to four months after the high court ruled they should be held only in the West Bank and not in the Gaza Strip, sparking rage among the Palestinians.

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