Israel: Cooperation with Facebook admin. not enough to stop Palestinian activism

PNN/ Bethlehem/

The Israeli  Minister of  Internal Security, Gilad Erdan, on Tuesday said that cooperation with Facebook administration is not enough to stop Palestinian activism on social media, saying that more efforts have to be done

A few days earlier, Facebook extended an apology over the closure of Palestinian news sites. According to Palestinian activists, the censorship is a direct upshot of a recent meeting between Facebook administrators and Israeli leaders.

According to PIC, Erdan referred to the surge in “anti-Israel campaigns” via social media networks, particularly on Facebook. Over one million Israeli fanatics are expected to pop in the occupied Palestinian territories to mark the Jewish Passover, Erdan added as he called for more efforts to suppress resistance campaigns and activities.

He said the Israeli police and intelligence are sparing no effort to keep an eye on anti-occupation campaigns and posts across social media networks. He hailed the Facebook administration for “meeting Israel’s needs” whenever called for help.

Several Palestinian youths have been arrested by the Israeli occupation forces since October 1 last year and sentenced to prison-terms on account of anti-occupation statements posted online.

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