Extrajudicial Killings in the Old City of Hebron Since September 2015


On the 25th of September of 2016, Hebron Rehabilitation Committee submitted a comprehensive complaint to the Human Rights Council in Geneva regarding the frequent and systematic extrajudicial killing of Palestinians in the Old City of Hebron since September of 2015. Since September of 2015, 32 Palestinians were killed in the Old City of Hebron. 4 of the 32 have occurred within the past 10 days. The use of force by Israeli military personnel has shown not to be in proportion to perceived threats, if such a threat exists, in direct contravention of international law.

In addition, in all cases, Israeli military forces prevented Palestinian medical staff from rendering life-saving medical care to victims, Israeli military medics offered no aid and, instead, forced Palestinian victims to lay on the ground bleeding and suffering for nearly one hour before Israeli ambulances arrived. This intentional prevention of medical aid directly violates international law and constitutes torture under internationally accepted definitions.

The complaint also states how Israeli government forces and settlers strategically use instances where Palestinians are killed to expand settlement activities and further expel Palestinians from the Old City of Hebron. The killings, related impunity and settlement expansion are all methods used in a larger attempt by the Israeli government to ethnically cleanse the Old City of Palestinians.

Urgent intervention is needed by human rights organisations, diplomats, foreign governments, UN agencies and other actors. Hebron Rehabilitation Committee calls on these organisations, individuals and groups to work quickly in an attempt to protect the Palestinians in Hebron’s Old City and to pressure the Israeli government to meet their human rights obligations and abide by international law. All forms of assistance are needed and advocacy initiatives must take place without delay.

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