MADA: Violations against journalists still escalating on a fast pace

PNN/ Ramallah/

Ramallah- Monday (9/26/2016) marked Solidarity Day with Palestinian journalists, who are working under grave and dangerous conditions of an increasingly complex and systematic attacks that are escalating.

On this occasion, The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA” expressed  its sincere appreciation for all journalists (males/females), who never hesitated to perform their mission professionally, despite all obstacles and difficulties they are confronting.

Mousa Rimawi, general director of “MADA” center, stated on this occasion that violations against media freedoms in Palestine are still experiencing high rates, as the center has monitored since the beginning of 2016 till the end of August 2016, around 269 violations against media freedoms in Palestine( including 182 violation committed by Israeli Occupation around 68%), while Palestinian authorities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip committed a total of 87 violation around 32%).

Rimawi clarified that the majority of Israeli violations, recorded since the beginning of this year (similarly to previous years) are considered as grave breaches that threatens journalists lives, in a way that aims to target media outlets and journalists ability to perform their work professionally, referring to the killing of a media student Iyad Sadjadah by IOF,  rather than shutting down three media organizations in the West Bank after raiding, smashing and confiscating its broadcasting equipment and most of its contents under the pretext of “incitement” ,besides the arrest of several Palestinian journalists and transferring some to administrative detention.

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms “MADA”  highly praises the fact that Palestinian journalists are carrying out their professional duties regardless to all challenges facing them and all systematic attacks against them, MADA also reaffirms that continued impunity represents an engine that assures the continuity of violating media freedoms and freedom of expression and opinion in widen circles on fast paces, hence, real solidarity with Palestinian journalists requires major steps and hard work through calling for accountability against all perpetrators to put an end to all violations against Palestinian journalists.

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