Report: 1800 Palestinian sick prisoners held in Israeli jails

The number of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails has increased to 1,800. Some 120 of whom suffer very difficult heath conditions, a PA official source revealed in a statement issued Saturday.

Palestinian committee for prisoners’ studies quoted the sick prisoner Mansur Muqada as saying that dozens of Palestinian prisoners suffer serious health conditions due to chronic diseases and Israeli policy of medical neglect.

The committee pointed out that the sick prisoner Bassem al-Sayeh, who suffers both bone marrow and blood cell cancer, became unable to speak or to sleep after his health situation sharply worsened.

The statement also pointed to the case of Mohamed Radwan who suffers neck and face swelling. He was transferred to Afula hospital more than once, however, he did not receive any treatment except painkillers.

The prisoner Hassan al-Qadi is currently held in Ramla prison hospital suffering from Israeli gunshot injuries in his back and abdomen, in addition to his right leg

. Al-Qadi became unable to walk although he underwent several medical operations in Israeli hospitals. The prisoner Mohamed Waheish, 19, also suffers gunshot injuries as he was injured and brutally attacked by Israeli settlers under Special Forces’ protection.

The researcher at the committee Abdul Nasser Farawna affirmed that Palestinian sick prisoners are subjected to systematic medical neglect.

Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners lost their lives in Israeli jails or shortly after their release due to the Israeli deliberate medical neglect.


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