Palestinian diplomat welcomes Kerry’s statements

PNN/ Bethlehem/

A Palestinian diplomat on Sunday welcomed U.S. Secretary of State , John Kerry’s statements in which he slammed Israel for violations in the West Bank, including settlement expansion making deals then breaking them.

According to Haaretz, Kerry’s comments came at a closed meeting of ministers representing the countries providing financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority.

Haaretz reported that Kerry in the meeting said that Israelis and Palestinians are “moving in the direction of a binational state rather than a Palestinian state alongside Israel and are also headed toward war.” He added that if the international community is interested in putting a halt to these developments, “Either we mean it and we act on it, or we should shut up.”

According to reports, Kerry also criticized Palestinians for what he called “attacks and the incitement against Israel.”

A high level diplomat who preferred to stay unidentified told PNN on Sunday morning that Kerry’s statements are important, but implementing them on the ground is what really matters.

The diplomat added that the two-state solution goes along with the vision of the Palestinian leadership, and that Israel is demolishing it, ignoring international efforts to revive it.

The diplomat also added that the American administration is aware of what’s happening on the ground, whether settlement expansion and the real reason of halting the political process, saying that the US must act quckly before it’s too late

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