Crisis Over Tuition Fees Resolved

Ramallha /PNN/

Birzeit University announced on September 22, 2016 a new agreement resolving the crisis over the recent increase in tuition. The agreement will preserve the students’ rights and will help the university to continue its academic mission and role in the Palestinian community.

The agreement’s terms include Tuition fees for new students will be increased by one JD for each credit hour. The university president guarantees that financial aid will be provided to new in-need students of the amount of one JD for each credit hour per academic semester, after they complete a financial aid application.

The decision increasing tuition for returning students is nullified. Financial aid will be provided for needy students after they complete the financial aid application.

The university pledges not to increase tuition for four years starting from the current academic year 2016/2017. Any financial decisions will be discussed and agreed upon by a committee comprised of all the university’s bodies .

 A combined effort headed by Palestinian university student councils, workers’ unions and university administrations will address the Palestinian government vis-à-vis its responsibilities to higher education.

The Student Council, student movements, and the Worker’s Union will join the university’s efforts to find revenue sources that will support the Student Fund.

A joint committee will be formed to evaluate the financial aid applications that are submitted by the Student Council. Decisions will be made by the end of the first semester of the academic year 2016/2017.

tudent voluntary and paid employment will be considered to fill the available administrative vacancies.

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