Not Just Film: Toronto Palestine Film Festival Starts This Week


The 9th annual Toronto Palestine Film Festival brings the best Palestinian films, music, art and food to Toronto. The festival opens on September 22nd, 2016 with the critically claimed film “3000 Nights” by Mai Masri. A film inspired by true events about a young woman struggling to protect her baby in an Israeli women’s prison after she was wrongly accused of a crime. The festival closes with the critically-acclaimed “The Idol”, a film by Hany Abu Asad about the life story of Mohammad Assaf from a young boy in Gaza to Arab Idol winner.

Opening Night Concert: Rafeef Ziadah
After the opening night film (Sept 22), TPFF is hosting a concert with spoken word artist Rafeef Ziadah at Lula Lounge (doors 9pm, tickets $20 in advance). “We Teach Life”, her second album, features a powerful blend of poetry and music which she will bring to the stage with special guest musician Phil Mansour.

Renowned Contemporary Artist Larissa Sansour at TPFF
TPFF is thrilled to have artist Larissa Sansour at TPFF for three amazing events. On Sept 21 (6:45pm) she will be doing an artist talk at OCADU about her work immersed in Palestinian discourse and sci-fi imaginings. On Sept 23 (7:15pm) we feature the North American Premiere of In the Future: Sci-Fi Trilogy, to be followed by a moderated artist discussion. This year’s TPFF Art Show will feature a specially curated video installation of Larissa’s works influenced by iconic pop culture references adapted to a Palestinian storyline.

Thought-Provoking Films
We are thrilled to host extended Q&As after three ground-breaking documentaries: Oriented (Sept 21 9pm) about three friends who reflect on tensions between their sexual and national identities. In Open Bethlehem (Sept 24 7:00pm) filmmaker Leila Sansour returns to her hometown of Bethlehem and launches a campaign to save the town. The Occupation of the American Mind (Sept 25 5:00pm) is a critique of US media coverage of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

TPFF Talks: Boycott, Censorship and the Arts
TPFF hosts a free panel (Sept 24 1pm) featuring a discussion with four diverse artists. Each will talk about their artistic works on Palestine and experiences with censorship and their views on boycotts.

Sahtain! Palestinian Brunch
TPFF brings back the always popular Sahtain! Palestinian Brunch featuring live entertainment. The event is hosted and catered by District Oven (Sept 25, 11am Tickets $25).

For complete details on this year’s exciting program and online tickets please visit:

The 9th annual TPFF takes place Sept 22-25, 2016. See for details.
Established in 2008, TPFF celebrates film as an art form and means of expression by showcasing the vibrant heritage, resilience, and narratives of the Palestinian people.

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