Three hunger strikers in critical condition


The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Thursday expressed its deep concern over the deteriorating health of three Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli hospitals.

The three prisoners Malik al-Qadi and Mohamed and Mahmoud Balboul have entered a very critical conditions as they continue their hunger strike for more than 60 days.

Dr. Hyshel, an ICRC detention doctor, called for finding an immediate solution for the hunger strikers’ issue before it is too late.

For his part, head of the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Qaraqe said in a statement that Malik al-Qadi has entered a very critical condition as he continues his hunger strike for 71 days. Al-Qadi was the Palestinian hunger striking prisoner in the most critical condition since 2011, he said, adding that al-Qadi has been “fighting death” at the Wolfson Medical Center, as he has remained in a coma for seven days, while suffering from a severe lung infection, low heart rate, urinary system complications, puffiness around the eyes, and hearing loss.

Qaraqe said that al-Qadi has remained in the intensive care unit and has not responded to treatment. Meanwhile, according to a statement issued by the committee, the number of Palestinian prisoners on a mass hunger strike launched Wednesday by 50 Fatah and Islamic Jihad-affiliated prisoners in solidarity with al-Qadi and the hunger-striking Balboul brothers has doubled, with at least 100 prisoners now participating in the strike.

The committee said in a statement that the solidarity hunger strike was in its first phase of solidarity actions to support the hunger strikers, adding that it would escalate if Israel continued its “carelessness,” as authorities have continued to refuse to release al-Qadi and the Balboul brothers from administrative detention despite their worsening health.

The solidarity hunger strikes were launched by groups of prisoners in the Ofer, Negev, Nafha, and Ramon prisons, and would continue in other Israeli prisons, the committee added.

The committee highlighted that Israel was fully responsible for the lives of al-Qadi and Balboul brothers.


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