Mustafa Nimir

PM: Killing Palestinians is no ‘mistake’

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The Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah sharply denounced Israel’s most recent killing of an innocent Palestinian, and its attempt to blame his brother-in-law for his death. “Israel’s systematic killing of innocent Palestinians is outrageous. Its most recent attempt to twist the facts and blame someone else for his killing is downright despicable,” Hamdallah said, adding that the only person responsible for Mustafa Nimir’s death is the soldier who executed him.

On Monday, Israeli forces killed Mustafa Nimir (27), as he headed home with his brother-in-law in the Shufat refugee camp. Israeli soldiers initially claimed that Nimir was shot because he had tried to carry out an attack. On Tuesday, Israeli authorities told the family that no such attack had taken place and that he had been “killed by mistake.” Israel recently shifted the blame on Nimir’s brother-in-law, who was driving the car, accusing him of involuntary manslaughter, driving without a license, driving under the influence of alcohol and reckless endangerment.

“There is now an established pattern by Israeli forces of executing Palestinians, then calling it a ‘mistake’,” said Jamal Dajani, Director of Strategic Communications and Media at the Prime Minister’s office. “Even worse is the cover-up and blaming the victim.” Dajani called upon the international community to step in to end Israel’s “senseless killing” of Palestinians.

On August 26, Israeli forces shot Iyad Zakariya Hamed (38), a father of three. He was mentally disabled and had apparently lost his way, as he was running towards an army tower. Hamed was unarmed when Israeli soldiers executed him in cold blood. The soldier who killed him was merely questioned and then sent back to his unit.

On July 13, Israeli forces killed Anwar al-Salaymeh (22). The newly-wed was driving in the village of al Ram with two friends, unaware that Israeli forces were carrying out a raid in the area. Israeli authorities said soldiers “felt threatened” and claimed al-Salaymeh had tried to run them over, despite evidence to the contrary.

On June 21, Israeli forces killed Rafat Badran (15), as he was driving home with his friends after a trip to the swimming pool. Israeli soldiers in the area randomly started shooting at the car Badran was sitting in. The Israeli army later admitted the killing was a “mistake.”

On May 4, Israeli soldiers shot Arif Jaradat (23). He had Down syndrome and apparently stood in the soldiers’ way and waved at them to leave, as they were invading the village. Soldiers shot him in the stomach and left him there to bleed. Jaradat later died from his injuries.

On December 25, Israeli border police killed Mahdia Hammad, a mother of four, as she was rushing home to feed her baby. Because she only slowed down her car instead of stopping completely, they sprayed her car with bullets, shooting her 17 times. She died on the spot.

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