Kayed ends 71-day hunger strike in exchange with release deal

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Administrative prisoner and hunger striker, Bilal Kayid on Thursday has suspended his hunger strike, which lasted 71 days, after reaching an agreement to be released reportedly in December at the end of this year.

Israeli Authorities faced criticism from the UN and Palestinian bodies over Kayed’s deteriorating health, in addition to being shackled to his hospital bed with prison guards at his head and feet.

He was initially hospitalized several weeks ago, but refused all tests and treatment until Israeli authorities agreed to allow one of their courts to hear his case.

On the day of his release in June, and after 14 years of imprisonment, Israeli authorities sentenced Kayed to ‘administrative detention’ – an Israeli term for Palestinians that they are holding indefinitely in prison, without charges or trial.

In response, Kayid declared an indefinite hunger strike, with the intent of either having his demands met, or continuing until death. His main demand, which is the same as the other long-term hunger strikers, is an end to the Israeli practice of administrative detention.


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