MADA demands the release of journalist Nazzal

Ramallah /PNN/

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms ” MADA” expresses its deep concern over the unprecedented and serious Israeli escalation of arresting journalists, which has witnessed an immense increase during previous months.

We call human rights organizations and media freedoms’ institutions to exercise pressure on Israeli Occupation Authorities to force it to stop arresting journalists, as well as putting an end to the abusive policy of administrative detention, in addition to release the journalist Omar Nazzal (54 years old) and save his life; ever since Israeli Occupation Authorities has renewed his administrative detention. So, he has been being on a hunger-strike since 17 days; to protest for his administrative detention as well as objecting for this abusive policy.

A total of twenty journalists were arrested by IOF during the year of 2015. However, ” MADA” monitored 27 cases of arresting journalists over the first seven months of the year 2016, which increased by 35% from the previous year, besides of arresting dozens of journalists due to their own posts on social networks.

Thus, administrative detention, which has affected three journalists since the beginning of 2016, is considered the most offensive and serious policy; since arresting journalists without accusing them. In many cases, Israeli Occupation Authorities has renewed the administrative detention period for the detainee, which is subjected to it for more than one time in a semi- automatic; as what happened to the journalist Omar Nazzal on Friday, 19th/8/2016. Consequently, he has been being on a hunger-strike since the 4th of August 2016. However, Israeli Occupation Authorities deliberately renewed his administrative detention for a period of three months, before the end of his first administrative detention period, which lasted for three months and three days, even though it is supposed to be released tomorrow- 22/8/2016.

Hence, Marilyn Rabadi- Nazzal’s wife- reported to MADA:” Friday, 19th/8/2016, Mahmud Hassan (the lawyer of Omar Nazzal) informed me that Israeli Occupation Authorities issued a military order to renew the administrative detention of Omar for a second time, for a period of three months. Yet, this decision will be confirmed within ten days in a session of a court martial to give it a legal form.

She also said ” when Omar appealed the decision of his administrative detention, the Israeli Supreme Court Judge said that he is convinced what is submitted by Israeli Intelligent against Omar Nazzal. Accordingly, he left off the decision for renewing the administrative detention of Nzzaal for Israeli Intelligent. As a result, Nazzal’s administrative detention is renewed for another three months by a military order on Friday”.

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