Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson : Think twice before criticizing Israel


Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon said Monday afternoon: “Turkey would do well to think twice before criticizing military operations of other countries,” . According to Haaretz Israeli newspaper.

In Israel responded harshly to the statements of condemnation issued on Monday by Turkey regarding operations carried out overnight by the Israel Air Force in Gaza Nahshon added that “the normalization of our relations with Turkey does not mean that we will remain silent in the face of its baseless condemnations.

Israel will continue to defend its civilians from all rocket fire on our territory, in accordance with international law and our conscience. Turkey should think twice before criticizing the military actions of others.”

Speaking Monday evening, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said normalization of relations with Israel would never prevent Turkey from expressing its position on the Palestinian issue.

Yildirim added that Turkey hopes to clarify that it does not accept nor agree with Israeli strikes in Gaza.

The Turkish prime minister’s comments came several hours after a similar condemnation of Israel from the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

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