3 Injuries in Israeli shelling on Gaza


The Israeli occupation army fired missiles into the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun on Sunday afternoon and evening, injuring three Palestinians.

Reports of an air raid over Beit Hanoun emerged at around 10 p.m, causing light injuries.

Israeli F16 warplanes fired two missiles at Beit Hanoun. 10 artillery shells rocked the city’s eastern corner moments after.

Ambulances rushed to the scene to evacuate the casualties. Earlier in the day, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the blockaded Gaza Strip, Ashraf al-Qudra, announced that a young Palestinian man in his twenties was injured as a result of an Israeli artillery shelling targeting a resistance training site in Beit Hanoun.

Local sources said three artillery shells fired by the Israeli occupation army targeted an agricultural land in al-Misriyine neighborhood in Beit Hanoun.

Furthermore, Israeli artillery shells landed in the Filistin training ground which Hamas fighters use for resistance drills.

The shells were fired minutes after the Israeli army alleged that a rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip and hit the city of Sderot, with no injuries or damage reported by the Israeli army.

The Israeli occupation forces have often launched airstrikes at several sites allegedly used by Palestinian resistance groups in the besieged coastal territory in response to rockets fired from the enclave.


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