Israeli MKs lash out at MK Ghattas over calls to boycott Israel


Israeli MKs called for ousting Joint List MK Basel Ghattas for his calls to boycott Israel at a conference in Montreal. Yisrael Beiteinu MK Oded Forer called for sanctioning Ghattas over his calls for a boycott of Israel.

The theater of the absurd in the Knesset continues and the Joint List continues to prove that its MKs do not belong in the Knesset,” Forer said. “A member of parliament calling Israel racist and calling upon countries to boycott and sanction it is an unheard of act in any sane country in the world. It is not only delusional, it is against the law.”

Forer said he checked the laws prohibiting action that would harm Israel via boycotts and he intends to ask the finance minister to remove special tax status from any organization connected directly or indirectly to Ghattas.

Lawmaker Ghattas from Balad, one of the four parties that make up the Joint List, called Israel an oppressive, racist and apartheid state. He said he is pessimistic that there will be peace soon, and international sanctions were the most effective way to combat Israel.

He listed examples of Israeli apartheid practices against Palestinians in Israel, including the confiscation of land in the Galilee and Negev areas. He said that the Israeli society is now governed by a military and settlement mentality, with political extremism existing not only on a government level but through all parties and institutions that play an important role in shaping policy in Israel.

Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee chairman Avi Dichter claimed that “Ghattas is continuing his pattern of being in the Knesset and speaking against it and the democratic values by which it operates.”

Dichter referred to Azmi Bishara, a founder of the Balad Party, claiming that he fled the country while under investigation and calling Bishara Ghattas’s “spiritual father… who betrayed Israel.”

“Ghattas is sounding the voice of his master, and could be prophesizing his future in relation to loyalty to the state,” Dichter further alleged.


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