Demolitions in Umm Al-Kheir

IOF demolish facilities in Nablus, homes in Yatta

PNN/ Hebron/

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Tuesday morning have dmeolished Palestinian homes in Yatta city north of Hebron and facilities in Nablus.

According to Rated Jabour, coordinator of the Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, IOF have invaded Umm Al-Kheir village in Yatta, and demolished five homes and razed a barn, then detained a number of youths of one family.

In addition, forces did not allow the Palestinians to evacuate their belongings from the homes and assaulted anyone who attempted to stop the demolition.

The demolition comes a few days after the settlers spread an incitement campaign against a family that stated to build homes on the village.

Al-Jabour said that Israeli authorities have demolished this village for many times now, and that the demolition comes in an attempt to cleanse it from its people in order to expant the neighbouring illegal settlement of Karmi’el.

Folowing that, IOF demolished a restaurant and a mosaic workshop in the historic village of Sebastia, which is now located in area (C) of the West Bank, which falls under Israeli civil and military power.

On Tuesday overnight as well, IOF have carried wide raids around the occupied West Bank, which resulted in the kidnapped of 13 Palestinian youths.

In Deheisheh refugee camp, clashes broke out after the Israeli invasion, injuring at least seven youths with live ammunition.

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