Collective punishment: Israel demolishes two Palestinian homes in Yatta

PNN/ Hebron/

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Wednesday overnight have demolished the homes of two Palestinians, in Yatta, who carried out a shooting in Tel Aviv.

The demolition of the Palestinians’ homes, cousins Mohammed Makhamra and Khaled Mohammed Makhamra, came after Supreme Court Judge rejected an appeal against the demolition of Khaled’s home in Yatta and Mohammed’s home in the Hebron area. The Supreme Court renewed its support of the demolition of Palestinians’ homes under the pretext that it would prevent “terrorist” actions, claiming the two Palestinians were “terrorists”.

The shooting conducted by the Makhamra cousins in Tel Aviv, last June, led to the death of four Israelis, while sixteen others were injured. Following the attack, the village was closed down and besieged, in addition, ten other residents were detained because suspected of being involved in manufacturing and trafficking weapons and in transporting the two Palestinians cousins into Israel.

Israel claims demolition of homes to be a dissuasive policy, while criticisms raise the fact that this collective punishment impacts families who see their property and living place destroyed.