“Regular Day” Solo exhibition by Palestinian artist Mohammad Joulani

 PNN/ Jerusalem/

On the 28th of July tens of people as well as representatives of the European Union gathered at Al Hoash, Jerusalem, to attend the exhibition opening of Regular Day. The exhibition featured a collection of oil paintings including sound installations, all depicting a normal day experience in the artist’s life. The exhibition is part of the EU funded program Alternative City, and Open Gallery, an initiative by Al Hoash aimed at creating a dynamic and accommodating exhibition environment for the public in East Jerusalem.

The exhibition opening commenced with a welcoming speech by Alia Rayyan, the Director of
Al Hoash.  In her speech Ms. Rayyan emphasized the important role cultural organizations such as Al Hoash are playing in the preservation and promotion of Palestinian art and culture in Jerusalem. She stated:“It is crucial for us to give young artists a platform to present their talent and artistic reflection of our daily life as Palestinians. Once more, the Open Gallery showcases with Mohammad Joulani a Palestinian talent who tries to find beautiful and engaged artistic interpretation for our daily routine.”


Al-Hoash aims to remain part of the society and to preserve and promote Palestinian cultural heritage and art; especially in Jerusalem, a city suffering from a shattered geography and limitations imposed by political and social barriers particularly after the construction of the separation wall in 2002.

”By way of culture, communities uphold a common narrative on their origin, their history and their destiny and develop a sense of common identity. By way of culture, communities also reach out to other communities. Culture is not just entertainment. Culture enriches our lives as human beings. In East Jerusalem, the promotion of Palestinian culture is central for preserving the Palestinian identity and heritage,” said Ralph Tarraf, the EU Representative, at the opening ceremony. ”Besides, culture has a considerable potential to improve the socio-economic situation of Palestinians in Jerusalem. A project we support is to revive the cultural life of East Jerusalem. This should help rebuilding lost connections with the West Bank and Gaza. The European Union will continue its support to the Palestinian organizations in East Jerusalem including the Jerusalem Tourism Cluster,” he added.

Contrary to what the title of the exhibition suggests, Regular Day is quite not so regular; it embodies the day to day life of a Jerusalemite in the city.  The artist using mixed media, oil paintings and audio installation, playing very familiar but somehow muted background noises from our daily lives, illustrates his schizophrenic state of mind from break of dawn till sunset, caused by a “normal” day. Through the language of art, the Jerusalemite artist will walk the audience through a myriad of emotions helping them grasp the artist’s daily paradoxes, which in return some would relate to.


In his art work, Joulani, illustrates how quite normal it is for a Palestinian to live in this schizophrenic state every day, but in real it is quite so abnormal.

Regular Day is the 3rd edition of a very successful series of solo exhibitions within the Open Gallery Program which featured 100 Days of Solitude by NidaaBadwan and Afterwardsnessby MirnaBamieh. The Open Gallery program supports young artists to promote their talent and exposes them to a local and international audience.

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