Israeli bill to hinder financial rights of prisoners

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli Ministerial Committee has decided, on Sunday 24th of July, to support a bill which prevents Palestinians prisoners to benefit from future financial allocations.

The Israeli Channel 7 said that the bill has been submitted by MK Yaakov Peri and the Shin Bet former head. It hinders the right of prisoners to retirement and deprives them from projected financial compensations from employers. The descendants of prisoners are also targeted by this bill since they would not benefit from theses allocations either.

According to the Institute for Palestinian Studies, since 1967, “40% of the adult male population in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, or roughly 800,000 people, have been the victim of some form of detention by Israel”. Moreover, the statistics of Addameer – Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association show that 7000 Palestinians are currently held by Israel for political reasons.