Dr. Ashrawi meets with participants of the PARC Media Development Seminar


PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi met with a visiting delegation of ten U.S. professors participating in the Palestinian American Research Center (PARC) Media Development Seminar today at the PLO Headquarters in Ramallah and welcomed them to Palestine.

Dr. Ashrawi provided an assessment of the very critical and complex conditions on the ground and Israel’s deliberate and systematic efforts to impose the one-state solution and “Greater Israel” on historical Palestine, as well as the latest international, regional and domestic developments.

In the context of the American strategic alliance with Israel and how Israel receives a complete economic, legal, moral, and security cover from the U.S., Dr. Ashrawi said, “The language of both the Democratic and Republican circles reflects the official Israeli narrative and does not serve American interests or the cause of peace well. It is up to the American people to challenge the distortions and misrepresentations that have tainted their mainstream media; it is time for them to challenge Israel’s impunity and violations of international law.”

She also stressed that all members of the international community must stop providing preferential treatment and immunity to Israel, and she called on them to hold Israel accountable for its violations of international law, international humanitarian law and Palestinian human rights.

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Ashrawi affirmed the need for both a genuine reconciliation and local and governmental elections. She called for the strengthening of the Palestinian political system and institutions and the inclusion of Palestinian women and youth, and stressed that the internal situation must always be discussed in the context of the military occupation of Palestine.