Fifth annual Palestinian Diaspora Conference kicks off in Ramallah

PNN/ Ramallah/

The  fifth 5th annual Palestinian Diaspora Conference with the 6th Know Thy Heritage Leadership Delegation has kicked on in Ramallah, on Tuesday eveninig.

The KTH delegation, made of 60 Palestinians from 15 countries around the world, has Palestinian leaders and representatives of their communities who get to experience their origins, visit their families and participate in other activities in Palestine as well.

13654123_1033448060110172_3062631119984234029_nAnthony Habash, the HCEF Regional Manager, gave the opening remarks in front of Know Thy Heritage delegates, HCEF Homecoming Journey participants, and many prominent members of the Palestinian community.

During the commencement of the conference, Sir Rateb Rabie, President and Founder of HCEF called for cooperation among members of the Palestinian community, and most especially for cooperation between members of diaspora and homeland communities.

13592435_1033457013442610_4704645544599551133_nCalling the diaspora a “Sleeping giant”, he implored the Palestinian diaspora community to reach out to their homeland, and to use their widespread success and resources as a means of building a better future for their brothers and sisters in the homeland.

The KTH program included visits to a number of government municipalities, as well as several tours of villages and refugee camps in Palestine. The delegates were be introduced to different economic, developmental, and cultural institutions, and build relationships with these institutions and Palestinian youth from the various cities they visit. In addition, they take part in home stays with local families, which will help them build relationships and connect with their fellow Palestinians.

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