After shooting Al-Sharif, Azaria was treating the lightly wounded Israeli soldier, and his commander, Lt. Col. David Shapira, stands next to him in a black helmet. (Tikum Olam)

Hebron shooter’s family raises $100,000 in support of son

PNN/ Hebron/

The family of  Israeli soldier, Elor Azaria who executed Palestinian 20-year-old Abdul-Fattah Al-Sharif, has just raised over NIS 400,000 (over $100,000) from the Israelis by Monday morning to ‘fund legal expenses’ for their son.

Ynet Israeli website said Azaria’s parents launched a crowdfunding campaign on the website Headstart on Sunday evening and were able to raise their goal of NIS 400,000 and more.

“I turn to you, dear mothers, please help me bring my son home,” Azaria’s mother Oshra says in a video on the campaign page.

In addition, extremist Israeli settlers on Monday have demonstrated close to the place of the murder of Abd al-Fattah Al-Sharif in the neighbourhood of Tel Rumeida,  Hebron, in support of the shooter.

The execution of Al-Sharif took place back in march, when Israeli soldiers claimed that him and another young man tried to stab Israeli Soldiers at the checkpoint in Tel Rumedia.

Soldier Azaria, shot al Sharif while he was laying on the ground with serious injuries. The execution was filmed by B’Tselem activist and Human Rights Defender, Imad Abu Shamsiya.

When Imad’s son, Awni, tried to address the settlers at the protest today, they responded with threatening slogans and obscene slurs against Imad, who filmed the killing of Al-Sharif.

Tel Rumeida rights group renewed calls on international groups operating in Hebron,  to protect the Abu Shamsiya family, saying that Imad’s life continues to be in danger, and in need of continued international protection.