Palestinian teen killed by admittedly mistaken Israeli fire, Tuesday dawn

PNN/ Ramallah/

A Palestinian teen was mistakenly killed and four others were injured on Tuesday dawn, after Israeli soldiers opened fire on them west of Ramallah city, central West Bank, under alleged attacks on settler vehicles.

The Israeli army, hours after the shooting, have officially admitted to have mistakenly shot and killed bystander Mahmoud Badran (15), and that he had nothing to do with attacks on Israeli settler vehicles.

The Palestinian red crescent told PNN that the soldiers prevented any of the paramedics from approaching the wounded Palestinians for over one and a half hours of waiting.

Mahmoud Badran
Mahmoud Badran

Mahmoud was left to bleed to death on the ground and was covered with a white cover,  two others were injured and two others arrested at the scene.

The Israeli Army opened fire on the youths claiming that they were throwing molotov cocktails on the 443 road near Jerusalem, which is taken by Israeli settlers, causing partial damage to 12 vehicles.

Al-Quds newspaper reported that Head of the Local Council in Beit our village said they were on their way home to the village from a swimming trip.