Israel to release 7 bodies of slain Palestinians on its own terms

PNN/ Jerusalem/

The Israeli minister of public security and the Attorney General of Israel agreed on Monday to return seven detained bodies of slain Palestinians to their families, but have yet to confirm a deadline for their release.

According to PIC, six of the Palestinians were from occupied Jerusalem and the seventh, Abd al-Hamid Abu Srour, was from Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem in central occupied West Bank.

The decision was a result of a petition submitted by lawyer Muhammad Mahmoud to an Israeli court asking for the return of bodies of Palestinians who were killed by Israeli forces since October 2015.

The Israeli minister of public security agreed to return the bodies with the terms set by Israeli police. Terms include, among others:

1- A limited number of people join the funeral

2- Families deposit an amount of money to guarantee that they will adhere with police stipulations

3- The burial must be at night and immediately after the family receives the body.

4- Israeli authorities’ recent decision that Israeli police have the right to determine which cemetery the body will be buried in, and where the funeral will take place.

Israeli police claimed that the new term was added to enable police to take control over the situation. Mahmoud stressed that the answer he received from Israeli prosecution did not set a deadline for returning the bodies “which have been kept in morgues for several months.”

Source: PIC